On behalf of all the victims affected by the recent earthquake, Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary (ICSC) sincerely appreciate your support and generous donations. Please kindly send your donations via e-transfer to our email address: anjoman@icscalgary.org
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از دست دادن تعدادی ازهموطنان عزیزمان را در حادثه جانخراش زلزله غرب کشور خدمت هموطنان گرامی تسلیت عرض میکنیم. هموطنان عزیز لطفا در صورت تمایل کمکهای نقدی خود را به آدرس ایمیل anjoman@icscalgary.org به صورت e-transfer ارسال فرمایید. با تشکر

انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان کالگری

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Startegic Plan

In order to define a clear road map for the organization and ensure the continuity of the plans and programs, the board of directors has developed a 3 year strategic plan to be presented in 2014 AGM.

The approval of the Strategic Plan in the AGM will sanction the current and future board of directors to follow the objectives and execute the plans.

All our dear members are encouraged to review the plan and send us their recommendations or comments at least two weeks prior to the AGM so that the board could review and incorporate the comments, if possile.