Arts & Culture

Our country, Iran, has a rich cultural heritage thanks to diversity of ethnicities, ancient history and civilization. From literature and music, to architecture and hand crafts, there are several aspects of this wonderful culture that well worth being recognized, promoted, celebrated and introduced to other cultures and ethnical groups. The responsibility of Arts & Culture committee is to identify Iranian artists, musicians, writers and cultural activists, and provide opportunities for them to represent/promote this rich culture within Iranian community and in Calgary society.
ICSC welcomes all our Iranian artists, art instructors, musicians, literature experts and other cultural activists to come and use ICSC as a platform to promote their art and cultural services to the community as volunteers or service providers.


The mission of ICSC's Education Committee is to plan, organize and facilitate traning courses, educational seminars and workshops, and study material for the members of the society. This committee is also responsible to identify and attract educators and subject matter experts and invite them as volunteers or contractors to present their knowledge and expertise to those who might benefit. If you are interested in receiving educational services, please refer to the Education Menu at the top of the page for details of the programs. And if you are expert in a subject that you think would be interesting to some audiences and would like to share your knowledge with our fellow Iranian (and Farsi spoken people like Afghans and Tajiks), please complete the Volunteer Online Application Form and submit it. Our colleagues in Education Committee will contact you at earliest possible.

Social Services

In ICSC, we are privileged to have wonderful volunteers on board who dedicate their time to assist their fellow Iranians who need social support. Newcomers, job seekers, senior citizens are among those who receive these services.
If you are passionate about helping your countrymen and develop your volunteer ship skills and promote the culture of volunteerism within the Iranian community, ICSC provides this opportunity for you. You can be an active member of the committee to manage and organize the volunteer activities and ensure that those who need support receive from us. Or, you can be a volunteer to be called once needed. Either way, please sign up or online volunteer application form to join our team.

Constituent Management

This committee manages the relationship between ICSC and all members, volunteers, donors and supporters. The members of this committee maintain the database and coordinate the communications with above-mentioned constituents.
ICSC has adopted a very modern Constituent Relationship Management system which ensures accurate record keeping and reporting while optimizes the time spent on these activities.