Membership in ICSC is a privilege, which should be extended to those individuals who share the ICSC values and endeavor to promote its goals. Membership is open to anyone regardless to their sex, race, religion, or political beliefs.

Any person at the age of 18 or above may become a member upon completion and submission of the application form and payment of membership fees (if applicable).

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The membership fees paid by Society's members are the most consistent income source for ICSC and provides the budget for non-profit programs and events.


Any individual over the age of 18 can apply for this class and receive membership discounts and benefits for a single person.


This class is applicable to a couple and all their children below the age of 18. Children above the age of 18 shall apply for membership under other classes.


Any individual above 18 years old who is enrolled in and has a valid ID from an accredited full-time program in universities or colleges can apply for this class. The validity of this membership shall be verified again at the time of renewal.

Free Membership Classes

Following classes of Membership are free. These memberships are granted to people based on some eligibility criteria and may require supporting documents (such as valid ID, landing paper, ...) to be provided by the applicant. These classes are: Senior: All Iranians at 65 years old and above can apply and benefit from this free lifetime membership class. Individuals under this class may choose to pay any voluntary donation in lieu of membership fee. Newcomer: All newcomers to Canada are eligible for free membership under this class.

A copy of landing paper shall be sent to ICSC as a proof. Honorary: Board of Directors may offer Honorary membership to those with great achievements in science, art, culture, public service and humanitarian activities as a gesture of appreciation and recognition. The validity of this membership class is determined by board of directors.