About Us

Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary

ICSC is a Non-profit organization established in 1991 as an Alberta Society, serving the Iranian-Canadian residents of Calgary.

Volunteer organization, which is free from race, religion and any political affiliation, preserves, promotes and encourages positive attributes of Iranian culture, and provides community services for the Iranian-Canadian residing in Calgary.

ICSC’s mission

  • Preserve, promote and encourage positive attributes of Iranian culture in Calgary and Canada at large.
  • Provide a dynamic, committed and supportive organization, and establish a cultural/social platform to cultivate the potentials of community members/groups/institutions for building a stronger Iranian community in Calgary.
  • Collaborate with all individuals/groups/institutions that contribute to the same vision as ICSC’s.
  • Promote the culture of volunteerism, philanthropy and participation within the community.

ICSC’s vision

  • To be the most important and largest Iranian institution in Calgary that preserves and promotes Iranians and Iranian Culture in Calgary and Canada at large.
  • To become the most prominent and influential cultural, social, and community based organization in Iranian community of Calgary.

Our Values

  • Contribute to building a healthy and happy community
  • Engage community participation and collaboration
  • Mutual trust
  • Accountability
  • Respect to all Iranian ethnical groups, morals, beliefs, traditions and preferences
  • Transparency and open-door policy
  • Dynamicity and flexibility for improvement
  • Integrate and purposeful performance
  • Enhance public relation
  • Support team-work spirit and Volunteerism